Soma and axon

Body definition of body by Medical dictionary Snals from one nerve cell to another are transferred across special zones of contact between the neurons that are known as synapses. Body bod´e trunk def. 1. 1. the largest and most important part of any organ. 2. any mass or collection of material. acetone b's ketone bodies. alkapton b's a.

Axon Dendrite Soma Synapse We have studied the glial investment of ganglion cells of the cat's retina, orienting the sections taken for electron microscopy so that the investment could be traced from the soma along the axon. Page 1. Axon. Dendrite. Soma. Synapse. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Spike arrives at buton - Ca++ - `pop' vesicules - Acetlcholine - open Na+ channels.

Synaps - pedia Neurons Parts of the neuron | Types of neuron | Neuron shapes | See also Neurons are the basic cells of the nervous system. Een synaps v. Gr. σύναψις sunapsis = aanraking, raakpunt of verbinding is de contactplaats tussen twee zenuwcellen of tussen een zenuwcel en een spiervezel.

Histology of the Nervous System The Neuron Part 1 A quantitative study is made on dynamic (frequency-sensitive) properties of the snal conduction between soma and axon terminal of the retinal horizontal cell. Each nerve cell neuron consists of a cell body peri-karyon or soma from which. The mitochondria are present in the soma, dendrites, and the axon of the.

Body definition of body by Medical dictionary
<em>Axon</em> Dendrite <em>Soma</em> Synapse
Synaps - pedia
Histology of the Nervous System The Neuron Part 1
Suzana Herculano-Houzel What is so special about the human.
The Neuron
Sinapsis - pedia, la enciclopedia libre
Structure <u>and</u> Function of <u>Axons</u> <u>and</u> Dendrites - Lectures

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