Valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide

<strong>Valsartan</strong> <strong>and</strong> Hydrocorothiazide

Valsartan and Hydrocorothiazide Lisinopril and Hydrocorothiazide combines an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, lisinopril, and a diuretic, hydrocorothiazide. Although valsartan and hydrocorothiazide is not a cure for hh blood pressure, it can lower blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels and.


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<b>Valsartan</b> <b>and</b> Hydrocorothiazide Tablets

Valsartan and Hydrocorothiazide Tablets Diovan is the brand name of valsartan, a prescription drug used to treat hh blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and heart attack. The Valsartan and Hydrocorothiazide Tablets Revision Bulletin supersede the currently official monograph.

<u>Valsartan</u> <u>and</u> Hydrocorothiazide MedlinePlus Drug Information

Valsartan and Hydrocorothiazide MedlinePlus Drug Information This product is used to treat hh blood pressure (hypertension), heart failure, or extra fluid in the body (edema). Valsartan and Hydrocorothiazide learn about side effects, dosage, special precautions, and more on MedlinePlus

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