Zoloft vertigo

Is Zoloft causing my dizziness? - Vestibular mraine (VM) and chronic subjective dizziness (CSD) commonly cause verto, unsteadiness and dizziness. My husband is on 100mg of Zoloft, & has never complained about these conditions you are taking of, but he is dizzy anyway most of the time.

Zoloft and verto - MedHelp It was the WORST experience and I got heart palpations, my GP took me off cold turkey. The dizziness went on for 4.5 weeks until I got on Prozac because everyone was saying "it must be anxiety causing the dizziness". experienced withdrawal that made me completely non-functional Mar 2015 took under 1mg of Sertraline for 10 days in an attempt to combat Venlafaxine withdrawal. After stopping Sertraline, withdrawal got much worse. June 2015 Still non-functional but slowly getting better. Are you taking any other medications at the moment? Please would you put your drug and withdrawal history in your snature. Severity of akathisia comes and goes, but is constant to some degree. (Retired) 0,20 mg 3 January 0,224 mg 20 December 0,24 mg 10 December 0,27 mg 3 December 0,29 mg 22 November 0,33 mg 11 November 0,635 mg 30 October 0,64 mg 20 October 0,645 mg 7 October 0,65 25 September 0,653 mg 15 September 0,658 mg 25 August 0,675 mg 15 August 0,68 mg 9 August 0,685 mg 2 August 0,69 mg 20 July 0,70 mg 1 July 0,71 mg 20 June 0,72 mg 8 June 0,75 mg 9 May 0,77 mg 25 April 0,81 mg 10 April 0,82 mg 2 April 0,84 mg 22 March 0,86 mg 12 March 0,92 mg 17 February 0,94 mg 5 February 0,96 mg 27 January 0,97 mg 11 January 2016 0,98 mg Started on 25 mg Zoloft in March 2011 due to stressrelated tinnitus that gave me panicattacks, then after two weeks up to 50 mg, which dose I was only on for five weeks. I also had a very bad reaction to prozac, effexor and many more - I can't remember. After four days I was scared of the Xanax, so I tried Zoloft 25mg for one week (adverse reaction - extreme anxiety and felt like I was on an amphetamine). said to quit cold turkey, so I not only quit Zoloft but also 2 weeks of Xanax .25mg -- extreme dizziness, hyperarousal and anxiety began! 29, 2015 my psychiatrist put me on new stuff and this is how my next 2 months and 7 days looked like (I was having the same bad reactions to all of these): Effexor XR 37.5mg (3 days) - throwing up, heart palpations, nht tremors/convulsions or something where whole body shakes for a second Prozac 10mg (15 days) - dizziness went away in week 2, so I know now it was withdrawal after Zoloft, ugh!!!! Hi Nursing mom, a lactation consultant and have her give you the info on Zoloft. Most drugs are compatible with BF and outweh the risks. I can tell you that.

Quitting Zoloft Sertraline Is a Challenge - The I was on 12.5 mg for 1 week, and I just upped my dosage last nht to 25mg. Q. I quit Zoloft after nine years and suffered horrendous withdrawal symptoms nausea, brain zaps, verto, headaches, destive problems and.

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